The Pros and Cons Of Republic Wireless


As a cell phone customer, I have always avoided being on a long-term commitment with a company.  I have heard horror stories of customers being locked into an expensive multi-year cell phone contract.  While living on a budget, this is so not for me. About four years ago, I switched to Republic Wireless, and it’s been a good fit for my family.

Why go with Republic Wireless?

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Save Money Traveling With Your Reciprocal Membership at Museums Nationwide


Buffalo Museum of Science logo
Getting ready to take a trip to a different city with your family?  Don’t forget your museum membership card!

Buying a yearly membership for your family can pay for itself in as little as two  visits.  We live near the Buffalo Museum of Science, and buy the membership for $70/year.  If we went and bought individual tickets for our family, it would be $11/adult and $9/child (ages 2-17).  Even if we took less than all of our four kids, the membership pays for itself in two visits.  It’s a great summer rainy day activity!

Reciprocal Membership Benefits

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Earn Bonus Ultimate Rewards With This Chase /Best Buy Offer!

Chase has offered it’s credit card holders 10 points per dollar  when you use the Chase Pay app to check out at Best Buy® spending up to $300 per card from January 15 to February 4. This offer is good in stores only on the following cards:

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve® and Preferred®
  • Chase Freedom® and Freedom Unlimited®

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How We Took Our (Large) Family to Disney for (almost) Free!

Disney World 2016 with free flights and hotel!

Can you really travel for (almost) free?

About three years ago, I came across an article about traveling to Disney World for (almost)free.  Taking your family to Disney World for cheap or (almost) free caught my attention!  After reading this article, we found that with a few credit card sign-ups between myself and my husband, we would be able to go to Disney World and have free flights and hotel!  Little did I know this trip would lure me into the world of “travel hacking.”

With a family of six, we had gotten an estimate of about $8000 to travel to Disney World in 2014. This was at a value-type resort.  This price was nowhere near affordable for us!  We would love to take our kids, ages 6-15 to visit the land of Mickey Mouse. Would it be possible to travel for (almost)free to Disney World?

It takes a plan (give yourself about a year in advance…)

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Is HP Instant Ink Worth The Monthly Cost?

HP Instant Ink

Whatever brand of printer you own, when you run out of ink, it’s pretty inconvenient to have to go to the store and buy replacement cartridges, which can sometimes cost as much as the printer cost itself! With HP Instant Ink, never run out of ink again!

I remember having to tell my kids they couldn’t print out their computer artwork, so it didn’t drain the printer ink.  My husband and I print out a fair amount of copies for work, plus I sell here and there on Ebay and need to print out order summaries and shipping labels. The kids need to print out their school (and other) papers.

I don’t remember where I found out about HP Instant Ink, but after enrolling about two years ago, my family has found this to be a very convenient service.

Interested in getting HP Instant Ink?

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Movie Theater Fan? Movie Pass May Be For You!


MoviePass – See unlimited movies for $9.95/month


Are you a fan of movie theaters but hate the box office price?

See a new movie everyday using Movie Pass®  for $9.95/month!

I have been reading about something called “Movie Pass®,” that allows a person to see a movie (2D) each day of the month for $9.95 per month.  Seemed too good to be true, so I thought.   Or maybe, it wasn’t!

After watching what others were saying about this deal, I checked out the moviepass®.com website.    The sign up is pretty simple.


Here’s how to get your Movie Pass®:

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Ibotta – Get Cash Back On Everyday Shopping!

(This offer contains an affiliate link. If you click on the Ibotta link, I may receive compensation.) 

Ibotta is a shopping app that can earn you money back on things you would buy anyways!

How about getting money back on things you bought this weekend?  Sounds too easy to be true! Check out the Ibotta app and get some free money for what you bought.  (And get $10 for signing up!)

It’s legit. I’ve used this for a few months now, and have earned about $60, with very little effort. 

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The Discover It Card – Is It Worth Applying For?

(This article contains an affiliate link.  If you click on the Discover it link, I may receive compensation from Discover.)

The Discover It Card – Is it worth applying for?

A year ago, I got thDiscover it card.  Here is my review after year one:

 It has three qualities that I like: 

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Maximizing Coupon Savings At BJ’s



Unknown to me until recently, BJ’s has online in-store coupons!

Saving money at BJ’s usually means going through all of their coupon books mailed to my home.  It takes a bit of time, but is usually worth it if you find coupons for what you are already going to buy.  Most BJ’s coupons average $1-3 dollars or more in savings.  

Recently, while preparing for my weekly shopping trip, I checked out the BJ’s website. Unknown to me, there is a tab to click on for online in-store coupons.  If you have a BJ’s membership, create an online account with your membership number and a password. 

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